NCAA Division I coaches are permitted to subscribe to this service for Football.

Scouting Top football players is the life blood of every D1 program.  Getting reliable up to date information is difficult, until now. 

College Coaches-Let us help you

Blue 57 tracks Every Top Player in Florida & Georgia with a Power 5 offer.  

Blue 57 Team is on the ground, going where college coaches cannot.

Blue 57 knows the Top Players in Florida & Georgia better than any organization in the country.

save time and money

College Coaches Offering Players they know is better than soft offers based on film.

When college coaches have reliable information on players they can filter them in and out quickly & determine which players are best fit.  In the end, this helps players & coaches.

College Coaches can build relationships with prospects quickly, when they know their profile.

Scouting —Team with best intel wins

We want coaches to build better relationships with players.  Our data allows highly paid college coaches prioritize their limited time, their visits, their opportunities for getting the best players.

The Blue 57 Scouting Network compiles real time data on players so coaches can recruit the top players for their program.

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