Below is SAMPLE of info provided to college coaches--Names changed, schools changed but profiles are actual players.    Follow us on twitter:  @Blue57_

Jimmy Jones   Deland High School

6'2  240   TE   2019

Profile: Popular, leader, strong kid, squats (470 lbs) family guy, has solid relationship w Dad, Christian, part of City Streets program saying no to drugs.

Interest:  God is #1, likes Fla Gators, runs track, likes basketball, hanging out w friends.

Offers:  Western Kentucky, Toledo


Reginald Dorsey    Colquitt County High School

6'3" 190 lbs  WR  2020

Profile:  Free spirit, independent, wants to drive his own bus, been around big time football with brother playing at Florida.  Smart & savvy enough to self promote his brand. 

Interest:  Played in Under Armour, Opening Regional, visiting P5 colleges

Offers:  USF, FAU, GA Southern, Wake Forest, UConn, Syracuse