Blue 57 is committed to Florida & Georgia High School football players being recruited at their highest level for college football. 

*There is no fee to players.

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Typical D1 College will offer 300 players per class & only sign 25.

Because of the competition for the very Top players, college coaches need a lot more information to know if a high school player will be a good fit for their program.



Blue 57 Network

1) Blue 57 interviews D1 football prospects in Florida & Georgia so college coaches can recruit better.

2) Blue 57 network consist of scouts, trainers & journalist from around the country.

3) Blue 57 captures targeted information so college coaches can offer players that best fit their program.


For many years, football recruiting was done by college coaches going to the top high school football play-off teams & finding out about the top players.  Players were influenced by high school coaches who served as gatekeepers for the top players in the country.

Technology then changed the landscape.  Most every high school football player has a Hudl highlight video giving more players opportunities but requiring more college personnel to evaluate film.  24/7 sports & Rivals hold camps to identify the best players in the region & their journalist keep a steady stream of news flowing. XOS compiles an incredible database, identifying top players with evaluations & contact information. All of this information is extremely valuable but more targeted information is required.

Today, college coaches need significantly more information on top players so they can build better relationships and recruit players who will be the best fit for their program.

Blue 57 is all about getting more information on Florida & Georgia players to college recruiters.

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The state of Georgia has some of the best talent in the country.   From top recruits in Gwinnett county, Atlanta metro & all the way to South Georgia--the peach state continues to be fertile recruiting territory.





The Sunshine state has a very sophisticated 7 on 7 football network that allows football prospects to play football year round.  Repetition, repetition, repetition.  What a huge advantage playing competitive football in the off-season gives the boys from Florida.


photography provided by Jared Chambers