NCAA Division I coaches are permitted to subscribe to this service for Football.

There is no fee to players.


Blue 57 is committed to Florida & Georgia football players be recruited at their highest level for college football. 



Blue 57 Scouting Network

1) Blue 57 network consist of sport psychologist, analysts, scouts & journalist.

2) Blue 57 works only with D1 football players in Florida & Georgia.  

3) Blue 57 provides targeted information so college coaches can build the relationship & offer players that best fit their program.

College Coaches:

Blue 57 Team is on the ground, going where college coaches cannot.

Blue 57 knows the Top Players in our Region better than anybody.

Blue 57 has created a network of solid sources, building relationships with 7 on 7 teams, high school coaches & the sports writers who cover the top D1 players.  

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The state of Georgia has some of the best talent in the country.   From top recruits in Gwinnett county, Atlanta metro & all the way to South Georgia--the peach state continues to be fertile recruiting territory.





The Sunshine state has a very sophisticated 7 on 7 football network that allows football prospects to play football year round.  Repetition, repetition, repetition.  What a huge advantage playing competitive football in the off-season gives the boys from Florida.


photography provided by Jared Chambers